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Leaving Nanjing
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Leaving Nanjing, on to Guangzhou

While checking out of the hotel, the assistant manager of the hotel asked if he could take my picture in front of the computer.  Seems like I was the first guest to send and receive email at the hotel. Later, when I came down with the baggage, they also took a picture of my family in front of the Christmas tree in the lobby. We then took the bus to the Nanjing airport for the 2 hour flight to Guangzhou.  While waiting for our plane, several people in our group tried the massage chairs. Ginger said that after several days of carrying Amanda (she was sure Amanda weighed at least 50 pounds), it felt wonderful. 5 minute massage for about 50 cents U.S..

Ginger got her first opportunity on this flight to change a dirty diaper in public. The beverage on the flight was "Lily Water" and it tasted like flavored sugar water. We were also served a snack, dried peas and peanuts. A small, Chinese lunch was served. The main dish had raw vegetables in it so I did not eat it, Amanda thought the cake dessert was wonderful.

We had dressed Amanda in the warm winter clothes we had purchased in Nanjing, when we arrived at Guangzhou, they had to come off. It was warm and humid.  We took a bus to the White Swan Hotel (And here too).  While we were checking in I tried to take Amanda for a walk just outside the hotel. Every time I walked away from the lobby, she cried, when I would turn and walk towards the lobby door she would stop, knowing mommy was inside. At least she was sobbing at a reasonable level and not breaking my ear drums.

I was not feeling well, having caught Amanda's cold so we stayed in the room and rested.  Amanda still would not willingly let me hold her, but she would bang her head against my lips when I kissed her. She also was fascinated by my glasses and would remove them whenever she could.  She tried to wear them, but quickly pulled them away from her face. I guess my prescription was too severe for her eyes. We had room service for dinner, and it was very good.  We had ordered French pastries for dessert, the first dessert we had since coming to China.





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