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Our Adoption from China

Our Adoption from China
Family Photo Album
Jaclyn's Adoption Story


After long consideration, Ginger and I decided to expand our family. After considering all of our options, we have decided to adopt from China. It involves collection of a lot of paperwork, a home study by a state licensed social worker, a child abuse record check, a criminal record check, approval from the INS, FBI, the Chinese Adoption Affairs Center in Beijing, and the local province officials. After all the approvals, we traveled to China for a few weeks in December of 1997 and complete the adoption of our daughter, Amanda, in the Chinese legal system. After our return to the United States, we petitioned the county court for a "Recognition of Foreign Adoption", a legal name change, and an order to have the State issue a "Registration of Foreign Birth". We were able to do these procedures without an attorney, and at very low cost.

Shortly after we returned from China, Ginger became pregnant. The pregnancy was uneventful and on January 4, 1999 our second daughter, Emma Leigh was born. You can see our birth announcement and Emma's pictures here.  

Our Adoption of Amanda:

Our Adoption Story - Revised 3/15/98
Some Pictures of Amanda!
Even More Pictures of Amanda
Group Photo of the 98 GWCA Reunion
Our Friend's Story of Jaclyn's Adoption
Chinese - English Flash Cards (Adobe Acrobat Required)
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