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Adoption Photos
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Adoption Photos
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Amanda's Photo Page
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[Amanda's Picture]

Amanda's Referral Picture

Amanda (AKA Wang Jiang Li) was adopted from the Zhenjiang Welfare Institute. She was born on 9/16/96 and arrived home in the United States on Christmas day, 1997. Information on her orphanage and province can be found here

Amanda in Chair

Amanda in Chair at the Dingshan Garden Hotel, Nanjing.

Amanda at the White Swan with Mom

Amanda at the White Swan, Guangzhou

Amanda Eating her Cake

Amanda Eating Cake at the Farewell Banquet.

News Crews Greet Us

News Crews and Family Greet Us.

Arrival Live at 6:00, Details at 11:00

Amanda and Christmas Paper

Amanda Opening Her Christmas Presents.

Amanda's New outfit

Amanda Showing off her new outfit.

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